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    Accredited by the Ontario Ministry of Education. PEAC provides an engaging, supportive, and flexible academic environment with small class sizes, online learning facilities, and residences for boarding
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    PEAC provides sport-specific training to all students-athletes consisting of conditioning, strength training, and fitness testing geared for their individual sport
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    With state-of-the-art classrooms, a fully equipped sports complex, professional teachers and trainers, and online course material, PEAC students have every advantage they need to learn, succeed, and surpass their highest goals
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The Gatorade Sport Science Institute (GSSI) visited PEAC to do a profile on hydration in amateur athletes. Each athlete that participated received a full hydration profile to help them learn about their individual hydration needs. Many of the clips from the video they created were shown at this year's Gatorade High Performance Hockey Summit! Check out the video...

Gatorade Sport Science Institute @ PEAC - Sweat Testing
PEAC Prep Hockey 2014 / 2014 with Jon Howse
Declan Mestel - Prep U16
Declan Mestel - Prep U16
144 sec.
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