• Academics

    Accredited by the Ontario Ministry of Education. PEAC provides an engaging, supportive, and flexible academic environment with small class sizes, online learning facilities, and residences for boarding
  • Athletics

    PEAC provides sport-specific training to all students-athletes consisting of conditioning, strength training, and fitness testing geared for their individual sport
  • Excellence

    With state-of-the-art classrooms, a fully equipped sports complex, professional teachers and trainers, and online course material, PEAC students have every advantage they need to learn, succeed, and surpass their highest goals
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PEAC Highlight Video 2014/2015 including testimonials from Hall of Fame legend Paul Coffey and elite NHL prospect Connor McDavid!

PEAC Highlight Video 2014
PEAC Highlight Video 2014
245 sec.
Views: 214
Gatorade Sport Science Institute @ PEAC - Sweat Testing
PEAC Prep Hockey 2014 / 2014 with Jon Howse