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    PEAC News

    A Message from Our Director

    12/11/2014, 2:45pm EST
    By Staff

    Dear PEAC Community:

    Thank you for the opportunity to bring PEAC to the next level through very strong academic and training philosophies. After completing just less than three years of extensive research on the private sports school sector all over the world, I finally decided to move forward with acquiring PEAC and put a team and product together that will be untouchable to the competition.

    I believe PEAC will have a seamless transition to its new direction once students, parents and staff have the full picture of the direction that PEAC is headed in.

    After becoming the proud new owner of PEAC I meticulously selected staff and teachers who understand the importance of what we do here, and how we as a solid foundation will bring PEAC to its fullest potential. Our staff all share the same vision, concept and direction for PEAC.

    It is my belief that bringing in staff who not only love what they do but want to make a difference in the lives of each and every student, will only serve to enrich the lives of the students at PEAC and serve to encourage them to reach their individual potential.

    Here at PEAC we teach respect, responsibility and leadership; as such, all of our programs, training and academics are built around creating these key traits among our students.

    We hope to continue our journey with all of you.





    Robb Nelson
    Managing Director
    PEAC School for Elite Athletes

    Meet Our New In-House Chef, Chris Weisman

    12/08/2014, 2:00pm EST
    By Staff

    PEAC is thrilled to announce the addition of a new in-house chef, Chris Weisman!  Chris has years of experience in the food and hospitality industry, most recently as a Senior Sous Chef at Jump Restaurant. 

    “For me food is not only nourishment but a philosophy in life that joins minds and bodies together.  My goal…is to create food from all over the globe that will excite appetites, develop and explore new and known tastes while meeting diets geared specifically to aid in great academics and athletic ability.”

    His experience spans across Canada and overseas where he’s worked as Head Chef at Settebello Restaurant in Vancouver and Opus 990 in Shanghai.

    “We will achieve great minds and bodies through passionate, exciting and creative cooking that focuses on fun as much as it does on nourishment.”

    The nutrition program at PEAC will be taking on new heights, according to Chris. “We are looking to add fruit and vegetable picking as well as trips to local farms in the coming seasons to create a real connection to food with the students, and to create healthy eaters for life.”

    For more information on Chris or our student-athletes’ nutritional meals, please email info@peac.ca or call us at 416-398-7322.


    Attend a Drop-In Training Session at PEAC

    11/05/2014, 2:00pm EST
    By Staff

    PEAC will be offering drop-in training sessions to the outer community.  Sessions will take place with our elite trainers and will last for an hour and a half.  Our sessions include dry-land training, hockey, soccer, basketball and many more! 

    Pricing varies depending on sport ($50-$150).

    Schedule TBA.

    If you are interested in attending a drop-in session or have any questions, contact us at info@peac.ca or 416-398-7322.



    With state-of-the-art classroooms, a fully equipped sports complex, professional teachers and trainers, and online course material, PEAC students have every advantage they need to learn, succeed, and surpass their highest goals.


    Accredited by the Ontario Ministry of Education. PEAC provides an engaging, supportive, and flexible academic environment with small class sizes, online learning facilities, and residences for boarding.


    PEAC provides sport-specific training to all student-athletes consisting of conditioning, strengh training, and fitness testing geared for their individual sport.